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Real estate is one of the few careers in which you can be your own boss and which requires a relatively small financial investment. The opportunities for starting your own business are good, or you can affiliate with someone else without sacrificing your independence.

You can set your own pace, and your time can be used as productively as ability and ambition allow. Your income directly reflects your efforts. there’s no limit on what astute, hard-working men and women can earn.

The real estate profession is more than just buying and selling single-family homes. It has expanded into many specialty areas and today offers you one of the widest career selections in the free enterprise system. 

Never Stop Learning.

Like technology, the real estate & mortgage industries are constantly evolving, which is why successful professionals never stop learning.

Until about 10 years ago the rule of thumb that applied to evaluating a Realtor's success ratio came under the 80/20 Rule.

The new information is that it has now become the 90/10 Rule. Here is what it means:

  • 90% of the Realtors earn 10% of the commissions in the real estate industry .
  • 5% of the Realtors earn 20% of the commissions in the real estate industry.
  • 4% of the Realtors earn 30% the commissions in the real estate industry.
  • 1% of the Realtors earn 40% of the commissions in the real estate industry.

Why the big disparity? Knowledge.

90% of Real Estate Professionals fail to understand that in order to earn more you must learn more. Without that understanding, you fail to maintain a positive attitude and fail to understand that it is actually your attitude and not only your aptitude that gives you latitude in real estate. So education is just as vital as your people skills. 

  • Successful agents see learning as an opportunity to improve their services. 
  • An ever-changing real estate market requires continual learning.
  • Investing in yourself has a positive ripple effect in your life and

Specialty Knowledge is not Niche Marketing.

Specialty Knowledge is when you have a solid, indepth understanding of a specific topic. Niche Marketing is when you focus your efforts on a specific targeted market and/or product.

What happens when you invest in specialty knowledge in multiple subject matters? You grow your real estate practice by providing a higher level of service to your real estate clients.

Knowledge is only power when it is specialized and organized!

“Successful men, in all callings, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession. Those who are not successful usually make the mistake of believing that the knowledge acquiring period ends when one finishes school. The truth is that schooling does but little more than to put one in the way of learning how to acquire practical knowledge.”

– Napoleon Hill

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